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The Simplest and Savvy method for getting Water save at your home

Water Saving Appliance

Save RO Waste Water in your home at minimal price & ideal plan with favorable design.

Rain Water Harvester at Home

Inherent stage. Going to Send off before long Downpour Water Gatherer for minimal price and least Support.

RO Waste water Saver Industrial Unit

Inherent stage. Going to Send off soon Business RO Waste Water save for minimal price and least Upkeep.

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We have Different Models and plan which Suits to your Kitchen.

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A Hidden Issue at every home of Capital...

To Understand Why Jalmay Born, We need to understand the Real Hidden Issue at our Home.

Amount of Water Wasted from RO.

4 Cr. Liter water wasted  Daily in Delhi from RO purifier

Equal to 80K Overhead Tanks.

Its equal to 80 thousand Overhead Tanks !!!

Effecting life of People

1 Cr. People’s life is being indirectly impacted

Our Service & Delivery is currently based on Delhi. Soon we are going to Launch in NCR and near States. Subscribe for New Offers & Water Alerts !!!

What People Say

Products for Water Preservation

Water is the primary prerequisite for anyone and Water insurance is the controversial issue today! It essentially suggests using water in a fitting and shrewd manner. since our lives depends totally upon water, it is our commitment to consider water insurance and how we can add to society.

Residential water wastage

Water gets polluted from the waste materials of adventures, sewage, destructive engineered compounds and opposite aftereffects. The chief explanation of water lack and clean water contamination is the consistently extending people and quick industrialization and urbanization. The improper waste disposable system is similarly altogether responsible for the polluting of water.

Brimming with Water

Jalmay signifies “Brimming with Water” and that is our aspiration. Water is right of living – fundamental piece of Human life. Without Water, Human or any living article can’t endure.

Questions And Answers

Data which is oftentimes asked & more enlightening !!!

Jalmay appliance can be use to Store Water & perfectly fit in Kitchen with minimum wastage.

You can order from ShopNow Page & order from smooth transaction or contact directly or contact straightforwardly to Jalmay group on above mentioned contact number. We are Glad to offer help.

Its consume lesser than a RO Purifier. Equal to 0.10% of overall consumption.

Indeed, that is conceivable. This extraordinary model, will permit you to involve Jalmay product for one week as preliminary, with Small amount of deposit as Security. That sum will change assuming client intrigued to purchase the item following one week or get cash back subsequent to resubmitting the product to Jalmay.

Indeed, Simple to Utilize. The manner in which you start Tap, in your kitchen, it is in same way. No Rocket Since.

Nothing is great when get item which is low at cost and can safeguard some water for your Children for Future. In Fresh, ” For Feasible Future” Jalmay products are require.

It’s SAVE Heaps of Water. Least 21000 – 36000 in a year. Its equivalent to 72 overhead tank of 500 Liter Limit.

Indeed, Numerous Models which can Fit in any kitchen as well as different design which suits your Kitchen interior.

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