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Jalmay Innovative O2 Solution build up in 2020 as OPC Pvt Ltd by a Farmer’s little girl who live 50% of her life in Village. Who really observed water emergency in her ranch land and battle to get enough water to spare their harvest even she realizes that Earth is having 75% water and 25% Land, despite everything battle during her adolescence. Subsequent to having every one of these musings however out the year, she build up Jalmay which is increasingly engaged for Saving and re-use water.

Our History

Fancy doing something a little different? The Easiest & Cost Effective way to save and reuse water.



Experience at Home with little inherent undertakings for own comprehension.

Start Tailoring solutions that deliver results and achieve sustained Future.





First Model was Fabricated and introduced as Pilot Task.

After Pilot and trial, Jalmay Send off and got an exceptional appreciation in the Water Tech Industry.



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Fancy doing something a little different? The Simplest and Savvy method for getting water save at your home in Delhi/NCR.


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