प्रचार नहीं तो व्यापार नहीं !!!

Have Small Shop & Want to Increase Sale?

Think Big by Simple Offline Marketing !!!

Jalmay believe in #vocalforlocal & with full power trying to boost local Market with Offline Business Strategies.

With Small amount of Investment, Local Shop Owner can showcase their product to local community & boost their business.

Marketing is meant for long running business, Positive impact take time but give fruitful result at the end. Patience is a Key for best Marketing.

How it works !!

Marketing is a lot like Fishing …  You Need Patience for good Result.



Jalmay Team Meet Shop Owner & Understand the Project.

Shop Owner share product details like Offer, Discounts & Other services which can be offer to Customer.





Jalmay Team prepare strategy  after analysis of Local area, places & Best time to market the customer product.

After Combination of Good Service by Customer & Jalmay Strategy. Customer business will get boost by 8-10% as per Customer Feedback.



Testimonials by our loved Customers..

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Fancy doing something a little different? The Simplest and Savvy method to promote you business in your local Market.


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Word of Mouth Marketing !! !!

Spend 300 rupees a Day & Market your business Locally.


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